THESE ARE A SELECTION OF BOOKS AND RESOURCES with HISTORY and CULTURE from the NW FLORIDA and the GENERAL REGION. DIRECT LINKS ARE PROVIDED for you to buy from AMAZON or other links to acquire independent titles. We are diving DEEP for you. Do you know a book that should be here? Let me know.

THE AMAZON interface to Blogger is not working well just now but HERE are the DVD and Streaming products from BuzzCreek from the search bar. 

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Here is a thought. A lot of hospitals won't allow flowers or plants delivered but you can send a book. Local authors have some great books. And visitors can even read them to the patient  for a little joy.

Dr. Brian Rucker histories --- Address for above books
The Floridale book is $10 (inlcudes tax) plus $3.95 shipping
from Patagonia Press, P.O. Box 284, Bagdad, FL 32530
The above listed books are at the same address..

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