Friday, June 25, 2021

A Cross for Pace Assembly

LD Henderson of DeFuniak Springs is here with Steve Zepp, Pastor, Pace Assembly Ministries. Henderson donated this cedar cross to Pace Assembly in a special presentation.
Henderson's project began over the past three years, beginning as a project, supplying wood to help his father-in-law honor God and his departed wife with handcrafted crosses. 

Eventually His father-in-law passed away at peace but the appreciation of the crosses he donated all over the region had become a point of worship for Henderson himself. 

Over the last two years, Henderson has donated over a hundred similar crosses and many "table size" crosses for special people. "LD" Henderson has had difficult half dozen years with family health, his own health that affected his business capacity, bad weather, covid and more. 

In times of bad weather (more than most years) and in times of family or personal health issues he used time at home to make the crosses.

You can learn more about him (and the crosses) at riverloggers dot com. The special service to present the cross is online at the church website.

Things are looking up for Mr. Henderson. A number of primary contracts and timber related projects are about to show fruit. We wish him well.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

CRUDDS Advanced Provisional Podcasts

 CRUDDS -- Chumuckla Reprobate's Utiopian Debate and Discussion Society ...

FEB 20 - 2021 (length 03:14:00)

FEB 13 2021 (Length 03:09:20)

FEB 06 2021 (Length - 02:45 )

JAN 30 2021  (Length - 02:20 )

PODCAST on PODBEAN -- Click. USE the slider to skip to various parts. It is  a LONG random discussion of random topics.  Be the fly on the wall and sit with us. Get a cup of coffee. Chill out.

AUDIO FILE for this podcast (for now this may be a good way to download and play on your computer.  The PODBEAN above may be best for now.

.................. secret handshake waived for the privileged


CRUDDS Participants  this date --  Vic Campbell (opinion formulator), Dick Miller Korean War Marine and Inventor, Richard Wood Retired sea captain and writer.

This link opens an AUDIO FILE for this podcast. It is on Google drive. You should be able to play it from your timeline. Use the play-bar to skip along. It may be easier to just download from the podbean site.

Other Podcasts from recent months.  Note - some of these discussions last from an hour to two or even three hours in length.  Plan of a long listen -- or just skip along and see if something interesting pops up.  Topics range from Sports, to business, to unsolved murders in our region (Wood), to a bit (but not much) of politics, to general observations on life -- and more.... Get a cup of coffee and sit back - enjoy the visit with us.

ADDING PODCAST LINKS HERE -- (audio)  These will be sorted in time with a brief description of content. ...  They will also be edited to take out empty space and irrelevant chatter.....        But  - for the patient, the content is interesting in the raw form.

Friday, August 07, 2020

Papaw's Corner Post: Upheaval

So ---  change - happens...  Here is a voice to listen to... enjoy.

Papaw's Corner Post: Upheaval:  Storms can uproot the strongest of trees. The torrent of rain can weaken what is usually solid ground. Upheaval happens. Period.  Unexpecte...

and ..

We of CRUDDS (Chumuckla Reprobates Utopian Debate and Discussion Society ) have become acquainted with Gregg.   There is more than meets the eye.  READ.

DR. Miller and CRUDDS ------ index

Wednesday, August 05, 2020

CHUMUCKLA NOW: Living Life in the time of Covid - CRUDDS and More

CHUMUCKLA NOW: Living Life in the time of Covid - CRUDDS and More: For a few weeks, a number of fascinating encounters occurred and I never got around to writing anything down .  But I have pictures . 

For a few weeks, a number of fascinating encounters occurred and I never got around to writing anything down .  But I have pictures.   The following is a summary of activities with the CRUDDS group (Chumuckla Reprobates Utopian Debate and Discussions Society) and encounters about the county. One of the more inspiring was a visit with a Local Farm Family from the stars of national rated fishing youtube channels. Stuff just happens. A lot of it turns out to be fun.  A feature video at the END of this Blog Post. 

Let's start with this young fellow from Jay. Kaden Roberson .  We met him at the Duramed Deli. Kaden is a senior at Jay. Plays football. I was able to pick apart some of his heritage and I went to college on a bus with one of his aunts!  Jerry Kelley, shown here with him is a 3 time Vietnam Vet with some health issues. A recent stroke or two or three has set him back some. This young man, was a bright spot of the day. He thanked him for his service.  Well, you can know THIS- Jerry thinks this young fellow was worth it.   MORE PICTURES (with Korean War Vet, Dick Millerand me... I was in the Campfire Girls .. which in those days was a very rugged outfit)

Al Piser and Dick Miller
Dick was doing a little research on laser wood cutters and talked a bit with AL Piser in Jay. Al has lived there about 3 years.  Leaving California, He rode around the area for a 200 mile radius searching for where he wanted to live. He picked Jay. He had some suggestions on the laser wood crafting market, which Dick's daughter in law is looking into.  

Packing for Down Range
Karen and I have ended up with 3 cats now. It comes down to the US Marines.  

Alex picked up a kitten a few years ago while downrange somewhere and now IMMI (Illegal Immigrant - there is a whole story) and her companion Princess Buttuhcup have to have a home when Alex goes downrange again. (which is now) 

Recently we added a kitten (Momo) to hold for Alex's marine buddy who is also downrange at the moment and which is being fostered until a THIRD marine buddy comes over to pick him up.  It has become a Kitty Kat hotel at our house .... and added immeasurably to the entertainment in this Time of Covid.  

Several topics of conversation came up at the CRUDDS visit this week.   Jim (my brother) brought over some fossils we collected 50 years ago in the Conecuh River just North of here.  He explained to Dick Miller these resulted from many fossil trips with our cousin Rogene Kilpatrick - who was also a Marine, Korean War Veteran.  

News Clip with Rogene Kilpatrick
The back-story, which Dick knows now, is that Rogene was in Dick's very same regiment and in a sister company through THREE major Korean War Battles. Look the battles up. They are historic.  PUSAN - INCHON - CHOSIN .  

These are now the names of the three rifle ranges for recruits at Parris Island. Rogene's Marine Footlocker is loaded with warm socks and rests at the Jay Museum.  His mom was born near Jay - was my Grandma's sister.

Richard Wood (left) will miss a few CRUDDS because of his job serving oil platforms by boat. But he passed along a great inside history of the old WW2 "meme" KILROY WAS HERE.  JIm recalled we had a book written by our Uncle (E.W. Carswell)  by the same name - "Before Kilroy".  So we loaned it to Dick Miller who had an interest in it. Also loaned him a copy of my own book because it came out that Uncle E.W. had written the forward to my own book 30 years ago. 
Free PDF copy ... see bottom of page at

in an album for the week.  

Also, consider my Chumuckla Heritage Store 
and the COVID t-Shirt.  I've made enough money so far to buy a box of donuts for the CRUDDS to enjoy.

PS - we practiced distance pretty well and used hand sanitizer regularly.
Be practical in groups and do things to mitigate passing a virus.

visits Lowry Farm 

From the Chumuckla Heritage Store

THANK YOU to Susan Youtes for the wonderful Breakfast Casserole
It was quite a meal for us here at CRUDDS