Monday, September 28, 2015


James Doyle Moore of Jay, Florida writes with depth. His writing and other talent in our area are being featured as local podcasts in this blog. Enjoy. AND when you are visiting your elders at home or in nursing homes, take out your smart phone and spool up some of these short and heartfelt memories for all to enjoy. The older folks often enjoy a little bit of AUDIO - especially when eyesight begins to fade away. You can sign up for email notice when a new post is made here. Please feel free to bookmark the page and to share by social media and email.


Sherry/Mamasits said...

I truly appreciate your efforts to feature the folks of our community and each of their special talents and gifts. This will become a very valuable place to future generations and assure us that everyone's life has purpose and deserve to never be forgotten..Thank you for all you do to make sure that they are not..Doyle, thank you so much for sharing your major gift of words..I truly enjoyed the great audio/visual.

Unknown said...

This was so beautiful! My favorite trees! Tina Watson Rashed