Tuesday, August 23, 2005

TEAM MASCOTS - A solution

Gator here. MA Ag, Class of 77.
I believe all team names need to be less offensive and that many vegetables have yet to be incorporated into team mascots. May I suggest the Florida Seminoles could easily become the Giant Goobers and our Gators (to avoid the shame of using an endangered species as a lowly mascot) could easily become the Banana Peppers! Some teams could become broccoli and some could be okra or tomatoes (well not tomatoes because it has sexist connotations - or cantaloupes or melons ... you know)... The value to the health and well being of our fellow Americans would be evident with improved diets from all the extra vegetable branding for team mascots and symbols. Teams could probably get subsidies from the Agriculture department. The food pyramid would become a dynamic competitive structure in which various vegetables competed for top level attention. I wonder why we ever had symbols of brave people or endangered animals as mascots in the first place. Goodbye Rattlesnakes, Gators, Panthers, Seminoles, Braves, Fighting Irish and Patriots (too suggestive of the right wing anyway). Hello Cauliflower!
Vic Campbell NJ and FL - www.chumuckla.net