Tuesday, September 29, 2009

climate change 3D map

Google Earth climate change 3D map unveiled
OK .. so why do we not have a full blown program to develop nuclear energy power plants so we can support electric cars and such? Because THAT is not where the money is for the investors in solar panels, corn ethanol and windmills - and who provide massive political support to the Party of Gore. It is about political power - NOT about saving "the earth".

F22 Raptor Demo Flight

F22 Demo Flight
The government cut funding for further production of this plane. Amazing technology but already the upcoming X-35 far outdoes this amazing machine and the choice was to move on forward regardless of potential for x-USA arms markets. Not sure if the government was shortsighted on this - or not. The roll of the fighter aircraft in future wars is somewhat foggy too. A consideral number of these were built but with no continuing program there is also question about future support for the existing craft.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

U.N. climate was propaganda:

U.N. climate meeting was propaganda:
Czech president | U.S. | Reuters
This man sees through it. Sadly - the propaganda has siezed the imagination of nearly everyone under age 40 who have been immersed in "Green" "Earth Day" dogma without any real ecological understanding ... for DECADES.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

newspaper bailout bill

Obama open to newspaper bailout bill
If newspapers - a dying technology, are saved by their political allies - they will lose more readership and trust in a week than they lost in the last ten years ... and still.. their old technology and their old political allies will remain in place. But FREEDOM will be trashed (even more than it is now by the failed press).

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Obama Birth Certificate Found

American Grand Jury
Nothing will happen. Too much potential now for massive risk to life and property for all Americans if this went "above the fold" of any major news media. Besides, the actual article here is said to be a hoax anyway. Rule of thumb - NOTHING you read on internet pass along mail is likely to be true !!

Pezzuti 6 - ME3TV Broadcasting

Pezzuti 6 - ME3TV Broadcasting
Pezzuti regularly compiles some of the hot issues in politics. His summary is excellent - with links to longer articles.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Health Plan

Things NOT allowed on the table for discussion: Break state regulations that will permit cross-state competition where monopolies exist now under "good old boy" arrangements. Initiate tort reform where trial lawyers mill billions of dollars into the cost of drugs and medical care. Why not?

WSJ Article ... Health Plan for Dummies...
The comments section has some great input from readers.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Service Center 9-11

The Service Center 9-11 (Koch Blog)
Cpl. Steven R. Koch

We met his dad while paying respects to Asiatic Fleet sailors and marines from WWII. We were honored to meet his dad and learn of his family's efforts to raise funds for wounded warriors.
... From an email ...
The CPL Koch Challenge coins like the one I showed you go fo $20 each and half of that is to pay for the coin and the other half is split between Wounded Warrior and American Legion Post 25 in Milltown, NJ for their veteran services they do. The Milltown post is very active and they go to Walter Reed each year and to local vet rehabs or hospitals to visit and distribute items for veterans..
T-shirts of CPL Koch are 15 each and we do the same with the money, pay for them and donate to the causes.
Checks are made out to:
CPL Steven R. Koch Trust Fund
8 Garden Terrace
Milltown, NJ 08902

Americas Freedom - Tea Party Speech

Many people in America have agreed to sell their freedom to the government. Then, there are people like this. Need more like this kid.

Monday, September 07, 2009

How I Beat Spam

How I Beat Spam
this is worth a check out. Instructions a little detailed but it could be worth it. Comes from this source which is a good one.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Jack Webb Schools Barack

Well, the 400 year thing is off , but Webb gets the story right in general.

Labor Day

I think I have always had to work on labor day - except maybe a few times as a kid. I never got the drift of it much. As it often does - this time - it comes on my birthday and I don't recall many of my birthdays when I was not working for one reason or another. I'm retired now but my wife is expecting me to do some chores on labor day. Maybe I can convice her to go with me to a parade somewhere.

A lot of people work on labor day because it is a big day of income for them. I came to understand that the day was mainly created as a holiday for government and union workers. As a kid from a farm, I think some of my labor days were spent huckstering sweet corn or watermelons at the end of the season to people who were going to the beach for a big party. Late in the day we could go down to the creek and eat one of the remaining melons while enjoying the cold water on sunburned necks. "Rednecks" as it were.

But - somehow in the back of my mind is a picture of how labor day should be - and I hope it will become that way again sometime for someone else's imagination to ponder as they work that day.

Now - of course - there are so many people unemployed - who have time to reflect on the day to honor labor. I hope they are back in the economy soon and that they get some of those labor days off - with PAY !!

This was my response to friend MJT's blog in Jacksonville.com

Kennedy and the KGB

American Thinker: Kennedy and the KGB:
We know these things but we continue to elect a majority Democrat Congress that must follow the lead of people just like Teddy.