Tuesday, June 30, 2015

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Vic's Documentary on USS Houston

Here is Part ONE of the documentary on GBOX.  You can pay what you think it is worth to you or a minimum of fifty cents). You can then view this from the internet at anytime when signed into GBOX. You can also SHARE a free viewing with up to THREE friends. (Joining gbox is similar to joining any other media site - pick a username and password. )  The DVD's are available at Createspace and Amazon - links at www.buzzcreek.com .

And - Here is Part TWO

Once you buy the film or get it for free - you can watch it ANY time you like  -- again and again -- from your personal log in. The movie remains in the cloud - yours to watch anytime.  TPart TWO is the POW experience (remember "the River Kwai?" ).  Until recently the only way you could see it was by DVD at a cost of about $15. You can still find the DVD at my website -www.buzzcreek.com .