Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Spoof on Carl's Jr. Paris Hilton Ad

Now for some humor. This line (Accolo) will take you to a management recruiter's home page where the spoof of the Carl's Jr. Hamburger ad is posted. It is hilarious, especially if you have seen the actual Paris Hilton ad. For comparison, you can see the PH ad here. Some people find the Carl's Jr. ad offensive but basically it is just a hamburger ad with a sexy girl in a swimsuit. The outrage expressed over using such sex to sell an unrelated product like a hamburger has chewed up a great deal of press .... All to the benefit of Carl's Jr. Hamburgers! The lesson? Complain loudly about it and sure enough, you prove the adage that "sex" sells!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

103 Year old Piano Player

Jimmy Woolsey was a fixture in Sussex County, NJ for many years. He played the piano at the Walpack Inn and then at the Bella Vita Restaurant. I met him when he was 85 years old and I was lost on my first trip into the Walpack Valley. This film was made when he was 103. He died later that year. More about him and how to get a DVD of him playing this session (and his interview) is available at Buzz Creek. In the interview on the DVD he explains he was an Army veteran of WWI and a Navy veteran of WWII. There are a dozen songs on the DVD. What a Life!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Ninja Chipmunk

OREO, the cat vs the mighty chipmunk. This chipmunk was ferocious and ready to do battle with all that came its way. The little brown furball survived to fight another day. The cat actually prefers her Whiskas Temptations over chipmunk on most days.

Ninja Revised for more slo-motion is at EGGZONO TV. Another neat story? A NYC taxi ride with Pastor Phil.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Snowfall Video Goes Mass Market

Footage from my ever popular Snowfall Serenade was recently chosen by Drew's Famous Sights and Sounds, to include in the Turn Up The Music commercial offerings. It was re-edited and remastered in DVD with a selection of Music from TUTM. It will be in stores in time for the Christmas season! This version will be priced for the mass market! My original version continues to be marketed to the nursing home and hospital market in a bundle with relaxation visuals and music having titles relating to snow, country scenery and airplanes. The connection with TUTM came through another superb company that markets mood videos, called Video Naturals. I will earn royalties on all the TUTM sales of the Winter Wonderland video. That's a good thing! See comments.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Tripod Rock with Fred Space

Of all the colorful characters in the landscape of New Jersey, I expect few can hold a candle to Fred Space who, through years of life in the real world has developed a sense of nature that few can equal. As a matter of fact, the Fred Space model has been discontinued and they don't make them anymore.

Here, with his grandson, Hunter, Fred takes us on a little Spring tour near the Appalachian Trail, where an odd rock formation has stood for millenia. More explorations of woodland habitat will appear later. Keep coming back for more! Fred's daughter, Lori Day recently authored a book called "The Zookeeper's Daughter". Anyone reading her works will get a better appreciation for Fred and all the inside workings of a real family run zoo .... Space Farms!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Occupied Territory - 1779

The American Continenal Army had its problems with the locals as it set up its camps and forts throughout the colonies. In New Jersey, the Polish Allies, Pulaski's Legion, were, like the Continental Toops in general, a challenge to live with at times.

Here, Eric Olsen gives a fair understanding of the plight of the general public as they put up with the Colonial and Allied troops. The "coallition forces" if you will. More at Morristown National Historical Park.