Thursday, October 30, 2008


Lets get this guy and Joe the Plumber to run for the SENATE!!

Keep Trying - Inspirational

Saturday, October 25, 2008

a Random Rant

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Please watch ALL the videos in this series (and share them widely) from LET FREEDOM RING. These are clear and concise and speak to the issues in ways that McCain's speaking skill cannot match. And for sure not Bush. Consider donating to help air more of these commercials. Listen to the RADIO SPOTS HERE.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Like a Box of Chocolates

it is getting stupider and stupider...
moma always used to say
"Stupid is like a box of chocolates ... you can only get so many in the box - and those are the ones that wreck your glycemic index just before the heart attack".

Has this Occurred to YOU?

Perhaps the rapid rise in oil prices this year were encouraged at some point by the Islamic and communist controlled oil barons to lay waste to the capitalist nations around the world? SURE it was a quick boom and large windfall for the oil rich nations - but they overdid it and they drove markets to a recession that in turn are driving oil to a recession. It is typical cyclical economics of a free market ... but what if the original run-up was assisted by worldwide anti-Bush - Anti-American sentiment - hoping to drive America to a regime change ... a whole "sea change" of government? It is happening, if it was intended or not.

The result is - the American economy is in shambles (as well as the rest of the world). The world blames America for the problem (the housing issue - set off by a time bomb the Democrats built in Fannie and Freddie) and we are about to elect a left leaning Euro-Philic government with a short sighted view that opposes drilling for more oil and opposes the only real help to gain energy independence (nuclear power). " WHEW !!" say Iran, Russia and Venezuela. That was close!!

With real energy reform off the table again ... the oil cartels can again rebuild their profits.
Meanwhile, Obama will be subsidizing (with tax dollars) low margin high cost replacements for oil, like "ethanol" "bio fuels" , solar, geothermal and wind. All of these will find their markets in due time and a little research subsidy is a good idea -- but the Obama approach will be to SUPERFUND these efforts at the expense of nuclear, clean coal and more oil drilling. The oil cartels will be very happy! And the American taxpayer will pay for its fuel through taxation rather than profits to realistic capitalist solutions.

So sad. There is nothing that will stop Obama. Republicans have completely failed to bring humor programming against the Democrats to Youtube.

Captain Kirk

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Covering up the Fannie Freddie Scam

And the people now facing foreclosure and failed businesses and lost jobs are blaming Republicans??? All I can say is the Republicans are the worst communicators in the history of the nation. It is OBVIOUS the Democrats killed all reform of this financial mess and set up the country for the huge failures cascading through the country now.
Yet, So many will be voting for Democrats for congress and will vote for Obama for president.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stuff Like This Bothers Me

First Generation American - of a Kenyan father(University of Hawaii), Hussein Obama (Harvard) , has taken the mantle of suffering American Slaves and has positioned himself to lead African Americans with slave heritage out of the bondage and irrelevance and victim-hood forced on them by an unfair nation. Obama has "adopted himself" into to the leadership of the victims of American Slavery.

Of course he is looking to the future and this is not to be interpreted as being a backward looking strategy, since slavery was abolished over a hundred years ago by the dogged determination of Republicans. Add to that the fact that major Civil Rights legislation of the last century was largely the result of Republican efforts. Meanwhile, in maintaining his own FREE African heritage, Obama made trips to Kenya to support his cousin's corrupted and bloody reach for power. A Foreign Policy Feather in his cap? From his actions (and specific non-actions to halt Republican plans of oversight) with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac he (and his Democrat allies) has pulled the rug out from under the most vulnerable people among us (many of them black).

He supports a corrupt regime in Kenya while supporting policy in America to undermine the people he claims to help. Add to that his posturing because of weak foreign policy so that he even says in a debate that he will attack an ally (Pakistan -- a nuclear power) if they cannot control their own enemies within. This stands in contrast to his assertion that he will talk to any enemy of the United States without precondition to negotiate for peace ( Iran in particular). What is that again? He will bomb our friends, but he will talk with our enemies??? This is a dangerous man.

Plus - he has no clue about energy independence. He is opposed to two major requirements of a multi-pronged strategy - Nuclear Power and Expanded Domestic Oil Access.
You want a black president? There are at least SIX moderate and conservative African Americans on the radar that would be superb choices. It is stifling liberal policies of the man, Hussein Obama that are troubling.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Catholic Vote 2008

Also, see THIS -- Latest Worry for the Liberal Left -- Obama Documentary from FOX NEWS
THE WORST PRESIDENT in American History. (Who do you think?)

Obama Birth Certificate Forgery Confirmed

So... how did he get THIS FAR? Certainly the Clintons were onto this??

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Obama Will Win !!

OH, YES, he is the WRONG guy ... but...
1. 8 years of tiny cuts and bleeding in the Bush Camp has killed confidence in the Republicans. Yes, we can say we agree with Bush on most things, but if he can't talk his way out of a paper bag - his leadership is (and was) doomed. READ ALL OF THIS HERE - 10 POINTS