Monday, February 26, 2007

Matt Reports from Middle East

Hello again from the wonderful (cough, cough, sorry another sand storm) State of Kuwait. I am a little late getting this update out to you all. It has been a busy week and looking back I can not think of anything special that happed. We are all just trudging forward toward the date we all come home. At times it seems so far away and then as the days tick by, the time only gets nearer. Everyday we put in the history books is one day closer to our goal.


Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Times They are a Changing

You will be glad you clicked on this to get a feel for the changing world. It's a shocker! You will have some things to think about after you view this.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Iraq - body armor - newton, nj marine

Dragon Skin and SoldierTech

These links found on the web - seems to confirm the belief of many that the dragon skin armor makes a difference. The note below recieved in local email listserv ... vic postin
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I have a son going to Iraq this summer. I was able to afford to buy State of the Art Body Armor for his protection. Unfortunately there are many parents that are not able to afford this Body Armor.

My son's outfit has 24 Marines. Two parents, including myself, have purchased this Armor. Five others have been sponsored. The families of all the Marines in the unit have banded together to raise the additional money for the other 17 Marines.

The military has body armor available, but it's heavy and not state of the art. There is a company Pinnacle Armor out of California that sells State of The Art Body Armor called Dragon Skin. This is what we have chosen for our sons. We need to raise $102,000 to outfit these 17 Marines. It's approximately $6000 per Marine.

Any and all donations are welcome.
For more information please call: Jesse Roe 973-579-1982 PO Box 84 Newton, NJ 07860

Settle's Mid East Report

MORE PICS HERE: Hello again from another weekly Kuwait update. Another week has been placed in the history book for this adventure and it HAS been an adventure. This week has been almost a carbon copy of last week. Most weeks are unless a persons looks for the unique everyday. I for one, try to keep my humorous side churning with new ideas. Out at the port, I have been waving hello to all the workers as the watch section drives by on the way to watch. I have actually gotten them to start waving at me first. I actually stopped the other day and played some cricket with a bunch of the TCNs on the pier. OK, so now I have to explain TCNs to a few of you. J TCNs or third country nationals are the workers in Kuwait. You see the Kuwaitis do not do much if any of the hard labor. They bring in TCNs for the surrounding countries to do the labor and the Kuwaitis manage and/or supervise them. Anyway, I had fun playing cricket and I think they enjoyed the other TCNs (US Military) playing along. CONTINUED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION JUST UNDER THIS POST .<<...>> <<...>> <<...>>