Saturday, July 29, 2017

Book Reviews from Adm Callo

I know Adm Callo from the NYC Naval Order lunches at which he sometimes spoke with great clarity on some the world's naval histories. His own specialty seemed to be  Admiral Nelson and Trafalgar and also John Paul Jones of the US Navy.  Excellent histories.

Here, he suggests some other books by review.

The links below go to two possible book reviews for your summer reading.

Joe Callo
Joseph F. Callo 
(212) 972-8651
Just one example of the people I would meet at luncheons with the Naval Order in NYC.  This Marine checked out Ted Williams for his squadron in Korea. He also checked out John Glenn. 

 Sometimes the AFTER LUNCH gagtherings were just as informative !

Sometimes my son, Alex got to go with me. Here is was able to talk with two marines (WWII/Korea and Vietnam)

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Dunkirk - the surrounding story

The Miracle of Dunkirk. Included the last ever use of the English Longbow in combat. This is a fascinating lecture with supporting visuals.  The recent movie will now make much more sense.