Thursday, October 31, 2013

Florida - Georgia Football -and WWII Vet

I interviewed Bill in my documentary on uss houston ( .
Bill is one of the very few survivors left from this episode of WWII.

1941 - The Asiatic Fleet - led by the USS Houston - was to take the first hit from the Japanese attacks since they
 were in China and Philippine waters. This was the plan. Then the US Pacific Fleet out of Pearl Harbor would rush out to their aid.

  Well, the Japanese did not read our war plans and they did it all wrong.  So - the Asiatic Fleet and eventually the Combined (what was left) fleet of Allies - faught and died for 3 months until they were all on the bottom of the sea.  A few survived. Most of the Houston crew ended up with "The Bridge on The River Kwai".   A third of those captured died in captivity. 

Since making the documentary years ago - I remain in touch with them.  Their website has been upgraded recently. The one I made for them with the help of a county college class in NJ did yeoman service for years. 
Look up   or and find more references to the Houston and the Asiatic Fleet.   Some of my interviews on my youtube website have survivors from the Asiatic Fleet too ... www. (see the veterans collection).

I hope you'll notice Bill as he is honored along with his long gone shipmates at the GA / FL games.

USS Houston (CA-30) Survivors Association
And Next Generations

From the organization:  "We’ve received word that USS Houston (CA-30) Survivor Bill Ingram, USN will be honored during the pregame activities of the upcoming University of Florida vs. University of Georgia football game. The game will be televised, on Saturday, November 2, 2013.  (a friend t spoke with Bill l and he said he was so excited that he didn’t think he would be able to sleep.Our best wishes to Bill…!)"

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Senate and House Majorities over time

This chart is VERY instructive. When Democrats have held the majority for most of last 80 years - they have had reasonably large to modest margins of control. When Republicans held the majorities, their margins were very slim. It only takes a few "liberal" Republicans to erase the advantage of a majority. The Senate had a famous "gang of five" liberal Republicans that weakened the value of the majority under Bush. The result was continuing heavy domestic spending and liberal public policy - much of which lead to the massive financial crash (which of course is blamed on Bush - along with the wars that followed the 9/11 terrorist attacks - masterminded by a terrorist who Clinton felt was not important enough to capture when he had the chance). Republicans consistently fail to support their party in off year elections or when candidates fail to meet single issue demands of large voter blocks.

Combined--Control_of_the_U.S._House_of_Representatives_-_Control_of_the_U.S._Senate.png (1399�706)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Route 66 Photo Gallery And Essay

Martin Mathis' Route 66 Photo Gallery And Essay

We are travelling Route 66 in October and wish we could catch all the great shots this fan did !