Friday, June 09, 2006

About The Marine (So-Called) Killings...

Dr. Laura

I will make this short and sweet as I am sure you have many e-mails to read each day. I am the father of a marine just returned from Iraq. He is in the same Brigade as the marines that are being investigated for the massacre in Haditha. First, he is in a different company but same unit. I have just talked to him about this and this is what he said happen. Note: it is different than the press and on your show today you made it sound as though you believe the press reports that are always out to hurt the USA and the military.
That particular day the insurgence attacked all FOB's (forward operational bases) and it was total chaos for the marines. Foot patrols where under fire, bases were under attack and they were under fire primarily houses and buildings. The marines had to clear the buildings to get the insurgents but if you want to send marines home in body bags just have them go into a building with suicide driven insurgents. They have to clear the buildings first before our I REPEAT OUR boys go in. That is often done in the heat of battle by grenades being thrown in and then they go in after.
Sadly, the insurgents hide behind civilians and the civilians are unfortunately killed in the process. Believe me, it is horrible for the marines who enter a house to see this. I have talked to
them and they are effected drastically but they are left no choice. Also, this is only done in extreme situations and not with every house. After this in Haditha battle there were civilians killed in the middle of the battle.
The insurgents came back and video taped the bodies for a propaganda hit. These guys are smart and know how to use our press to their advantage. These marines are caught in the ugliest of places and I am not talking about Iraq. They are caught between a press that is out to get them hung and a war that is incredibly different than any other war. Their lives are on the line and I wonder if we have the courage as a nation to fight these kind of people? We will find out, but this I know- My son does and is doing it. It is unfortunate that someone else's son is caught up in the media war on USA and people want to hang the marines who out of fun and
joy shot civilians........ Do you really believe that?????? So many have judged them and want a person like your son to pay for the propaganda war we have found ourselves in. He like others who put their lives on the line to go over there could simply be in the wrong place and the wrong time and be up for a "hanging" just for trying to stay alive. Just so you know I am not a ethnocentric American. I, my wife, and two sons lived in Nepal for over 3yrs doing development work in the mountains of Nepal. My marine son grew up in a village that never saw a white person before and his best friends were Nepali kids. Our village was a 4 day walk into it and he is one tough kid. Iraq reminds him of Nepal and he understands that the ordinary Iraqi is caught up in this also and hates it also. M.

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