Sunday, August 20, 2006

Repton, Alabama is a ghost town now. We passed through Repton on the way to visit Burnt Corn as we came up thorough Milton and Chumuckla and Jay. Repton used to play Chumuckla in Class CCC High School Basketball. It looks like some people still live around there, but the "downtown" area is deserted - completely. We, in Chumuckla used to think that Repton was a "big" town. At this point, Chumuckla is in revival because of booming growth in the Panhandle of Florida and people seeking some rural relief. I imagine there are a lot of towns like Repton in Alabama. Great movie sets! Maybe the remnants wil one day become clustered, air conditioned boutique shops for retired Baby Boomers to rekindle their grandparent's view of life in the early 20th century in Alabama - without the heat and the poverty and the social issues of those days. Peterman, Alabama is another such town we visited. It too is near Monroeville. MORE PICTURES FROM THIS TRIP.
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