Friday, November 10, 2006

Battle For Berlin
Mark Rolef made this video in October. The SKIRMISH fields in PA are often used for scenario games. A day at this is exhausting - so imagine what the REAL veterans of the Battle for Berlin went through! God Bless our Veterans. Your use of stock footage of WWII with your footage from the day, give this a sense of heritage - with the excitement of scenario combat. I was there for this day and I have to say, I really HATE that German tank! It took me out in a very painful way! Outstanding video, Mark. Keep them coming! For history buffs - may I suggest a book? "Armageddon - The Battle for Germany 1944-45". Thanks for the vid.


Realist said...

Yes, it's a damn good thing it was the Soviets' job to fight for Berlin, though they had done the lion's share of the Allied fighting against Germany which is another answer to idiots who moan "Why did we "let" the "Russians" (Soviets rather) take Berlin?". Because for one thing they did the vast majority of the heavy lifting needed to beat Nazi Germany, without which the Allies could not have won against Germany.

Realist said...

And as bad as the Battle for Berlin was, it wasn't nearly as bad as it COULD have been.