Sunday, February 04, 2007

Settle's Mid East Report

MORE PICS HERE: Hello again from another weekly Kuwait update. Another week has been placed in the history book for this adventure and it HAS been an adventure. This week has been almost a carbon copy of last week. Most weeks are unless a persons looks for the unique everyday. I for one, try to keep my humorous side churning with new ideas. Out at the port, I have been waving hello to all the workers as the watch section drives by on the way to watch. I have actually gotten them to start waving at me first. I actually stopped the other day and played some cricket with a bunch of the TCNs on the pier. OK, so now I have to explain TCNs to a few of you. J TCNs or third country nationals are the workers in Kuwait. You see the Kuwaitis do not do much if any of the hard labor. They bring in TCNs for the surrounding countries to do the labor and the Kuwaitis manage and/or supervise them. Anyway, I had fun playing cricket and I think they enjoyed the other TCNs (US Military) playing along. CONTINUED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION JUST UNDER THIS POST .<<...>> <<...>> <<...>>

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As always, I have included a few pictures of the area. The first one is of one of the ships that we get at the port we are protecting. I thought it was an odd shot since most ships pull into port with the cranes stowed and not in the upright position. The other two are of the area we drive though everyday to get to the port. The second is of three locals standing out beside the highway. You can see the results of the recent rains that we have been experiencing. The desert is actually turning green in some places. The time between December and February is the rainy season here in Kuwait. The third is of a herd of sheep that are taking advantage of the green grass next to the highway. Not only do we have to worry about the local drivers on the highway but the sheep that are grazing along the shoulders. I haven’t seen any more really good car wrecks to send photos this week. It does not cease to amaze me how fast and dangerous these people drive. The children do not sit in car seats and are usually standing up in the back seat while their Father is weaving in and out of traffic. We all cringe when we see this happen. I can not remember how many close calls we have had driving to and from watch. It is a wonder that no one has been in any accident so far.

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OK, so I had a chance to go back to one of my favorite places to eat. The place is in the shopping mall I found my new hot tub. It has the best Kiwi juice and some really great salads. These are the times that we all live for around here. The times that we can all do something different for a change, get out and bee “normal”. Anyway, I took some photos to share with all. In the mall there is a grocery store and next to it is a fruit market, meat market and fish market. It was rather cool. The market is located on the water in the marina where my new hot tub is parked. The fish are brought in fresh from the boats daily. I am not sure about the fruit or the meat. The meat market was really cool. As you walk in there are “stores” with live chickens and fresh eggs on one side and fresh lamb hanging on the other side. A person actually walks up the whole hanging lamb and picks out the cut that he or she wants. The butcher pulls down the meat (head on) and carves out the requested cut. I only took one photo since the one I took kind of made the person upset. I held the camera up as if taking a picture while I looked at him in a questioning look. The person waved, so I thought he was giving permission. After the camera flashed he got an angry look on his face. That is when I left the meat market for the fish market. The fish market was also cool. There were all kinds of fish there. Some of which I have never heard of or seen. I just wished that I had a grill of some other means of cooking some of the fish.

Well, it is now time for me to get going to watch today. It is the reason that I am here. J Hopefully we will not be too busy and I can watch the Colts beat the Bears tonight. J I had to say that for the people I know up in Chicago. Actually, I really don’t care who wins this year. More than likely, I will not even get to watch the game. With the time here being eight hours different than it is in Miami, it will be 0200 when the game starts. By that time, I will be getting my beauty sleep. So until next week, take care, keep all of us in your thoughts and prayers.

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