Monday, June 25, 2007

Cooking With Angel - Food For Seniors - Episode 1

Angel volunteers her time to cook for some seniors near her home. She is a classic "Southern" cook with the good sense to use modern dietary considerations in her preparation.  In keeping with our theme to provide stock suggestions based on our every-day topics, we offer these TWO stock suggestions. TSN (Tyson Foods)... think about it.. CHICKEN. Chicken requires a lot of corn and soybeans and grain is currently moving up in price due to competition for ethanol production - but Chicken as a MEAT remains far more competetive than Beef. (Tyson Foods also has interests in Beef, but the primary product is poultry).  The other stocks that jump out from this episode with ANGEL's Cooking are companies that deal with elder care in the home. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have volunteers like Angel around. Check ouit THESE Stocks! PSSI (down a bit just now a great buy point) and HSIC.

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