Tuesday, August 07, 2007

about Revlon... stock

Well, nieces and nephews ---  to be honest... I gave up on Revlon ... it was a bad pick by me. It may yet pan out but there never appeared to be any real change in direction or management and the stock would fall back after every weak attempt to move up.  SO ... I SOLD IT  with just a little profit (luckily) and have re-invested.

I am convinced the earth will melt on cue as Al Gore has told us.  To benefit from that tremendous heat from the sun ... I looked around for a way to invest in the trend of the melting earth.

I discovered solar power.
Now ... China is building a new coal burning plant every week to create electrical energy for the growing demand of its people. (The USA has not built a coal burning plant in 20 years and has not built a nuclear plant in 30 years.. makes you wonder).  Now, China knows it has a  problem with its carbon footprint. They watched the movie "convenient lie" also - by Gore. So they are throwing all kinds of effort at alternative energy sources and with cheap labor to boot.  Two or three companies in china are now building photovoltaic cells as fast as they can to meet the Al gore demand for solar power cells. Their market is the world - not just China.

One such company is JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. (JASO). YOUR $30 investment ($60) is now invested in TWO shares of JASO instead of 50 shares of REV.

Here is a chart of JASO ... and REV compared....

see the difference GORE can make? 

Not to worry that China is a commie nation.  We will be too in a few months when Hillary gets elected.  Then - the GORE magic on solar will go even stronger because we will become even more aware of how quickly the planet is melting.


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