Friday, November 02, 2007


I would have never expected these folks to support McCain.
This is a true story. (SEE THE END) Names and location not clear to permit privacy.
Ours is a BLUE state. Solid blue. No hope here for a McCain victory that I can see.
REGARDLESS - some will do their best to help the McCain/Palin ticket win. Today is November 1, 2008.

This is from TWO HOMELESS PEOPLE - explained that they were well aware of the news. They watch TV. They read papers. They understand completely the relationship between the Democrat agenda in past administrations and congress to the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac destruction that contributed to the current economic crisis. They understood a LOT!

1. Democrat cronies placed in FRE and FNM made hundreds of millions in bonuses that fed back to support Democrat agendas and more cronyism that loops again and feeds off the less fortunate in our country. Many of the "high bonus financial executives" are ardent Democrats too. it PAYS !
2. Democrat congressmen blocked oversight and regulation of FRE and FNM when it was proposed by Bush and later by McCain - and other Republicans. Why? See #1 above.
3. They understand the difference between giving people a thousand dollars today versus leaving multiples of $1000 in a small business that will invest in more production and more jobs that can provide people with $30,000 a year plus health benefits - thereby not needing a hand-out.
4. They are fearful of an Obama presidency because they have not seen any record on his accomplishments. They have only heard platitudes in his speeches.
5. They do not believe he has been vetted for the job even as well as someone who might apply for the job of scoutmaster of a local cub scout den.
6. His history of associations tells them he is not likely to understand the nuances of capitalism and how it creates wealth for everyone. The McCain-Palin ticket exhibits strength here.
7. His vague disassociation from militant people in his past does not soothe their concerns that he might view some terrorists as morally justified in their acts.
8. They understood that Bush has made some poor choices in his administration, but he also made some good ones - that the economy after 9-11-2001 was due for an immediate crash except for some of his actions. So they understand the crash is partially a delayed effect of the Al-Qaeda attacks.
9. They think that McCain and Palin have none of the baggage associated with Obama and that their approach to job creation in the private sector is far more effective long-term than the Obama plan to create more government subsidized jobs. They know private sector job growth means more government revenue down the road whereas more government subsidized jobs mean more government spending down the road. It starves the chicken that lays the eggs. McCain includes ENERGY intelligence in the team. Oil and Nuclear are priorities with significant development assistance to bring along solar, wind, geothermal, clean coal and tidal energies.
10. McCain and Palin are known entities with track records that can be verified. McCain's is a long one - not all perfect - but well known. Palin's is a short record but with a lifetime of consistency - none of which is out of character to mainstream America.

These homeless women are greatly concerned about an Obama administration. While in a life crisis mode - when they would be assumed by many to be thoroughly on the side of an Obama ticket --- YET - they are expressing themselves as ardent supporters of McCain / Palin.
I hope that more people in dire straits in this difficult economic period are thinking like these ladies.
And, I really hope things work out for them soon.
I do understand they will be able to move into subsidized housing in another week.
(Subsidized housing -- see -- there are sometimes things the government does that can be helpful).
Name Witheld
State Witheld
Blue State - Businesses and people leaving in droves for two years now since the state is among the highest taxed states in the nation. You may have noticed there are a number of states in this mode ... especially in the Northeast and around the Great Lakes region. You might also note that these states are in rapid economic decline beyond explanation by the current economic emergency. And they are all controlled by Democrats. You would think this would be obvious to the residents of those states who vote -- but maybe they never read "Free to Choose" by Milton Friedman (the "Chicago School of Economics" - a mis-identification if there ever was one since the "Chicago Machine" is behind the current "Obama Economics School".
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