Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Watching The Market

Unca Vic can't play with the whole market but he does watch it some. The above stocks are being eyeballed a lot and may deserve your attention too. WCG, V, EDU, LFC, EWZ. The chart above is a 12 month look to 06-08. For the young investor, Visa (V) is probably one of the best you can get. Just buy it and wait 5 years - buy more over time. MA (Master Card is just as good and has been on the market a year or so longer). Never chase a price - look to buy when they have normal dips. (V was great two days ago) EWZ is falling off some recently due to oil prices starting to cool some. EWZ is an ETF that has several international oil companies in its holdings. ETFs are kind of like mutual funds but without the hassle.

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Buzz Creek said...

All these did reasonably well to this point in time - early 2008. But THE WHOLE MARKET is now down. A rule of thumb. When things are good and the enthusiasm for the market is high - get out of it and go to cash or bonds - even treasury bonds to await the time when the entire news media tells you there is "NO HOpE".Then start buying some of the same good stocks back again.