Thursday, February 12, 2009

INFLATION - a Tax on the Poorest

I read this guy a lot because he is pithy and has some insight to the market patterns.The vids on the blog today are on target.

My own guess. inflation will kick in but probably delayed a bit as deflation continues.
Sometime in the next year to two years inflation will ramp up steadily.

INFLATION -- How to Tax the Poor and get away with it.

Interesting thing - inflation: It is a PERFECT way to tax the poor and they have no idea they are getting hit by the government -- they just think businesses are raising prices to make their life more difficult. This whole financial scenario is playing out with superb press for the Democrats - the whole time they destroy the poor and create a larger segment of poor population out of the middle class.

First -- Make sure banks are pushed to loan mortgages to people who are unable to pay them back and hold off any regulation that might cut into the executive class largess from the huge churning of cash. (Franks, Dashel, Obama, Reed --- Clinton and Carter)

Second -- Once the banks and then the WORLD economy are destroyed in the maelstrom and a hated Republican president is easily scapegoated - take control of the nations finances as if you had no hand in the massacre.

Third -- Create the most massive government expenditure "stimulus" pork program ever heard of with only a tiny portion going to private sector job creation and print up dollars as fast as possible. Put truckloads of cash into the marketplace. Let the ignorant actually think you are saving them with cash.

Fourth -- sit back and wait a year or two and enjoy the rise of prices across all spectra while the poor struggle to pay the new inflated rates for everything. A simple solution. The poor continue to believe you are the hero for pouring cash on them and they continue to hate business and capitalism because THEY are raising prices. You have taxed the poor and laid all blame on your opposition in government and on business and you are the hero.

Democrats are geniuses. Rebublicans are stupid. (when it comes to taking power in government).
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