Sunday, June 14, 2009

Global Climate Change - Rethink It

I doubt those already indoctrinated to the social re-engineering scam of global climate change will ever read this through more than a paragraph. A sad state of affairs from the very people who "claim" to be the "open minded" liberal thinkers of the world.
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Now THAT’S a commencement speech

This speech at the 22nd Annual UVU Symposium on Environmental Ethics, held April 1st and 2nd at Utah Valley University is one of the most sensible and pragmatic ones I have ever read. It would have made a better commencement speech in my view. Some in the crowd must have been ready to bust. But let us hope some of the soon-to-be graduates took away something from this other than a desire to pummel the speaker because it went against what they “know”. This is well worth the  read. – Anthony

Reality 1: Worldwide demand for energy will grow by 30-50% over the next two decades – and more than double by the time you‟re my age. Simply put, America and the rest of the world will need all the energy that markets can deliver.

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