Saturday, January 02, 2010

Female Army Soldier - a book

Echos and Premonitions

Poetry (gag me now is my normal response) and Prose.  In this case, I am most pleased to report that even those of us poetometopiaphobes who avoid the elite world of classic pentameter will be pleasantly touched by the works of Rachel Brune. And the book is not ALL poetry. Over half is well written and thought provoking prose that enlightens, entertains, and educates.I recommend it. One chapter in particular - I have recommended for professors of photojournalism.

Rachel is all ARMY now. "Pwned" by the cammies, you know. Her - photos - poems and prose - are introspective, sensitive and intelligent. Some of the grit in her prose is, I suspect, a direct result of her having "seen the elephant".  She has the street cred to say what she says. It is worth hearing; worth reading. Worth an investment of your time.  Echos and Premonitions
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