Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Pink Ribbon Rant

The rant below comes from an oncology nurse so she sees this every day. I think I can see her point in that it is very common for "non profits" to become profitable tools of the "industries" they represent. It is of course common for the management of many "non-profits" to be paid exorbitant fees.  Enough of me. I know this nurse. Read her rant:
"can't help myself, everytime I see pink I turn red thinking about the enormity of the deception perpetrated by the cancer industry...countless funding drives, donation events, people running swimming walking across cities, countries, continents...and for what...we already have the cures for every cancer imaginable ... problem is the cancer industry has become so huge they have succeeded in pressuring governments to make the cures unattainable through various underhanded ways...and with the enormous influence they have over the medical industry, they don't even allow a doctor to discuss any alternative cures except for there own radiation, surgery chemotherapy method...you see it is the method which pays them the highest amount through insurance companies (est. range from $400,000 to $800,000 per patient) and it guarantees them a return patient for life...sorry for the rant...I'll stop now because the red is turning purple...happens when you loose loved one to these corrupt bastards...of course you can be my friend... and the pink was the ribbon in the background of your profile pic..."
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