Monday, November 22, 2010

who owns his mortgage

Man makes ridiculously complicated chart to find out who owns his mortgage - Yahoo! News
You do have to wonder how they got it some screwed up. The key problem at heart remains that certain members of congress, mostly of a certain party, set policy and directed Fannie and Freddie and banks of all kinds to approve loans that could never be paid back. From that one wrong-headed policy with the good intention of providing "ALL AMERICANS" with "home ownership" the trap was set that would eventually ruin home ownership for those they intended to help and millions more who were caught in the falling valuations. Therein lies the root cause for the international financial crisis. And you know what is funny? The primary people who pushed the policies that did this are NOW in power (at least the congress will change out in January). The perpetrators remain in charge of the SENATE and the Presidency. Now that is just so funny you have to nearly bust a gut thinking about it.
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