Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Local War of 1812 - Crockett in 1814

LINKS and Story of Crockett in NW Florida.
Uriah Blue's arm of Jackson's Army cleans up the Creek Indian threat in the Spanish Florida panhandle.  Jackson learns of the British plans on New Orleans and leaves post haste to meet the threat. Pensacola, Mobile and New Orleans were all made safe in short order. The link above is from Vic's presentation at the Jay Historical Soc. The below event is Dr. Rucker's presentation! GO SEE IT! Note the very last action of the 1812 war was a blocking raid by  Uriah Blue on the Pensacola (NAVAL AIR STATION) to stop British landings at Fort San Carlos (Barrancas). See the END of the NOTES.

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