Friday, July 17, 2015

IN COUNTRY PODCAST in development

Calling all Writers, Storytellers, Photographers, Musicians with original work and local to our region.  A new venue to present works by Authors, musicians and storytellers will debut in the coming weeks.

Your works will be critical to build an audience, creating good will for your work and for the community at large. Tentative name is "IN COUNTRY" . The blog - will likely be the host. Facebook pages for me3tv, Jernigan Landing, Chumuckla group, Jay Historical, Santa Rosa Genealogical Society -- and more will have access.
One of our expected STORY tellers !

Imagine - something like "A Prarie Home Companion" - a mix of talents from the area - produced about every two weeks. Initially the "podcasts" will probably be about 10 minutes long with some short 90 second versions designed for radio and other means of distribution. Youtube is the likely cloud host.  The shorter versions may help promote local historical groups as well.

Please comment on the me3tv Facebook page with this post if you are interested.  (or by email to vic@buzzcreek.comThere are logistics to work out (how do we get a storyteller on tape and then on the web?)  Perhaps some of our talent will pitch in with the production effort.  But most of these things can be managed ONLINE without having to GO TO many locations.   "" will also soon become a regular stopover for a lot of viewers. A link will be there too. "Podcast" (think of a simple youtube presentation with only a few pictures and mainly depending on the quality audio presentation).

Here is an example (maybe a bit long) of an author interview. Probably most podcasts will have an author introduction and a short "reading".

A hoped for result is that eventually there will be advertisers for the "podcast" and the talent that contributes will eventually find compensation from participation or from improved exposure to their own works.

Coming SOON to a BARN near YOU !

From this web site and others, links will quickly take the audience to the most recent podcast and a list of past programs.  

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