Monday, September 07, 2015

County Heritage includes Turkey

Our speaker at the Genealogical Society for September 19, 2015 was Kelly Schwarz who is married to a lady with deep roots in our county - the Theresa Steadham Schwarz. We won't go much into the Steadham family in this talk- but it is a well known and storied history that includes some of the rare survivors from the massacre at Fort Mims in 1813. Kelly will be talking about his Great grandfather's trek to find his brothers. Among intrigue and wars in Turkey, a young man sought a way out - to America -where his brothers were already living in Detroit. Alas the ship to "AMERICA" was destined to SOUTH AMERICA and Argentina. The young man traveled and worked along the way for FOUR YEARS to reach his family in the OTHER America. This is a fascinating story and as time evolved, a descendant of this epic legacy is now here among us in Santa Rosa County.  The story is now available on a DVD file collection at the museum. Copies are available for a small donation.

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