Thursday, November 03, 2016

I met Dopey tonight and more

Randy and Amy of Appointed2 at Texas Roadhouse in Milton
Karen and I went to eat at Texas Roadhouse tonight so she could get over to see her mom at the nursing home and I could pick up my washed car from Stillworth's which is next to Aces on Hwy 90. Stillworth's has some plans that help you keep your car clean and serviceable. They are friendly folks and have some family and friends in big league baseball.  They were excited to see Addison Russell involved with the CUB World Series Win !   It's a major event for the cubs and Russell is from right here in Pace, Florida.

We sat to order and a conversation erupted between us and an interesting evangelist couple at the next table. They were in town to sing, they said and invited us. We could not join them at the revival just across the Blackwater River but wished them well. And we began to learn a lot about them.  The old fashioned TENT REVIVAL with Appointed2 is across from the Tom Thumb At WARD BASIN ROAD- East on US 90.   (NOV 3 and 4) .  Randy is a minister and singer, songwriter and Amy sings and also writes. They sing a lot of the things they write and have won a few categories in national Gospel Singing competitions.  (YOUTUBE CLIP)

Randy is a Florida Cracker (he has an official cowboy shirt, hat and boots) who went into full time gospel work about 22 years ago.  Amy joined in about seven or eight years ago. Before this she worked for a beverage distributor and at one point was the character, Dopey at Disney World.  I asked if there was any  sibling rivalry or family tension between Dopey and the others and she said not really.   But when a dwarf is not able to join in the parade (illness, fatigue, late), all the dwarves have to stay out except Dopey who is a favorite of Snow White.  So it helps to be the family favorite. Karen reminded me that Snow White often kisses Dopey in technicolor on the forehead.

It is fascinating to know there are such things as gospel music competitions.  Appointed2 is having a
good roll just now - and the event here is followed by one at Ozark, AL and soon after in Griffin, Ga. They stay pretty booked up and travel in a 32 foot RV that was donated to their ministry.

I told them I  would encourage my friends to go hear their message at the revival.  It should be easy to find. I suspect they are willing accept sinners at the revival even though there are few remaining in our county with the high per capita church concentration.  Saints are certainly welcome also.


This is pretty good weather just now for a Tent Revival.  It would be Hell in the summer. I don't know the statistics on seasonal donations but I am willing to bet money the willingness to be generous is better in cooler weather. The "Grace of God" phenomenon.
Don't mind me. I am just going on.  Go and have a good time. These folks struck me as the salt of the earth. Here to help bring a message of peace and healing.
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