Thursday, May 26, 2005

A Cookbook fromJekyll Island

My cousin Dorothy Carswell wrote this cookbook. Her son, Ben, did the introduction. It raises money to help the Jekyll Isand Sea Turtle Project. It has some nice recipes as well as great artwork. Jekyll Isand is was once the resort for the super rich in America. See the hotel here. Here is what Dorothy said: "There have been several long articles in the Georgia papers and we have even had a book signing! Ben wrote the Naturalist section and our friend Richard Caton did the cover art and all the illustrations in the book, including the delightful dividers. We didn't have a committee, it was just me and my friend, Sandy, whom I gave the title of Inspiration/Steering Director because it was her idea to write a cookbook. I'm the Editor/Writer :-)" I've only met my cousin Dorothy online because of a website for my Mom's side of the famly that we began on I think cookbooks are a pretty standard way to raise money anymore. There are several publishers that specialize in this kind of thing.

I hope to finish an edit today on a short video I did with a cab driver in NYC a few weeks ago. Preacher Phil calls his cab a rolling ministry. He is featured in a film about fishing around NYC called "Gotham Fish Tales". Maybe cousin Dorothy's recipes will come in handy in NYC! Look for Preacher Phil's video on this blog soon.
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