Saturday, May 28, 2005

Preacher Phil's Taxi in NYC

"Philip Frabosilo is a minister in New York City. His church: a yellow cab, medallion number 3C49. Lovingly adorned with personal photographs, plastic flowers, and whimsical toys, Philip’s partition-less cab is designed for comfort and decorated to encourage conversation."
This is continued at the Brooklyn Museum website. Recently, on Nov 9 he was featured on NPR.
He is a star in the documentary film - Gotham Fish Tales. I have a copy. I recommend it to anyone interested in NYC or in real people or in fishing - fishing wherever. I understand "Rolling For Jesus" is a classic as well. Read more about Phil at Block Magazine and New York City Voices .
Uncle Vic was in NYC in May to work on some video for All Points Tours and this opportunity came up as one of those random events of everyday life. (TRT+10min)


Mindy said...

Hey there Vic,
I don't have the Preacher Phil photos online. My friend, The Reverend Vince Anderson, knows Phil. About two years ago, Vince was working on an album and wanted to use Phils cab for the CD cover. So, we did a shoot, and then the album fell through. Vince ended up recording a completely different thing, and we designed a different cover. So, now, the images we shot are in limbo... We keep hanging on to them in case he decides to do something with them...
Very cool that you met Phil. He gave me a ride home that day. Very sweet man. A difficult thing to come by in NYC. Best regards, Mindy ..
see Mindy's photog website:

Buzz Creek said...

This is a hint for the contestants. See rules at This hint is for answer #2 of 5 answers. What is it Pastor Phil is supposed to do on the way home? His wife tells him on the cell phone. THE NEXT HINT (#3) is found in the feature videos at (Check out These Videos Online - click). Check Old Photos. What is the website mentioned for these old photos? The FOURTH HINT is back at See Piano player.