Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Not in New Jersey

But close! When my cousins, Waylon and Carol Jenkins came up last summer and stayed a few days with us, we took them over to Milford, Pennsylvania to see the Gifford Pichot House - Grey Towers. Milford is just across the Delaware River from NJ - a little country town. Gifford created Central Park in New York City and later became the father of the National Forrest Service. He must have been pretty rich - the house is huge, but of course not as big as the Biltmore in North Carolina. I guess the Pinchot's were poor compared to the Vanderbilts. We have rich people in NJ who live in mansions like this but most of them are still alive. In the photo are Karen and Me and Alex. Alex is now up to the tops of my ears in height! Posted by Picasa
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