Friday, September 02, 2005

Henry Botts - Farmers Opry

Mr. Henry Botts - one of our country music legends continues to share his life and music at the Farmer's Opry in Chumuckla, Florida. This taping was made in 2004 ... before hurricane Ivan. The Opry had some challenges from hurricane damage all around it but it recovers nicely and keeps a regular group of highly respected performers available to an admiring public. Often, the Opry 'captures' a big name performer. Be sure and check their website. Here is another Farmer's Opry performance. WOMAN ENOUGH.


Anonymous said...

I visited Farmer's Opry in Chumuckla, FL. a few months back. I saw Mr. Botts there. He seems like a very kind hearted man. I enjoy this video clip very much. :o)

Anonymous said...

Friends of ours from Cantonment took us to the Farmers Opry 11/5 when we were in Florida from Maryland. We enjoyed the evening and the Sawmill band a lot. I would have liked to hear some fiddle music on this video clip.
Charlie Z.

Buzz Creek said...

I hope to have Mr. Botts and Fiddle up here soon. It's just on a long list of things to do. Vic.