Thursday, December 15, 2005

Farmers Opry - Woman Enough

Two very dear little girls with great big talent are featured with a guest Marine at the Farmer's Opry in this rendition of "You Are Not Woman Enough To Take My Man". The Marine was in flight training at Pensacola NAS. Many years ago, my dad was a Jet Mechanic there and worked with VT-4, the same hangar with the Blue Angels. I used to go to work with my dad sometimes and I once had my shoes shined by the man who shined the shoes for the Blue Angels. I can't imagine a greater honor. Maybe meet a real Blue Angel sometime? Nah. That'd be impossible. Dad used to be one of the Opry's biggest fans. Our farm is right in front of it. He's gone now, but his photo is on the wall at the opry ... and he is still grinning at the great performances they have there. The Marine (he is from Kentucky) told me most of the flight students and sailors at NAS are not 'tuned into' good country music and are missing something special when they miss the "Opry". I miss it a lot too. I am in NJ. Catch some more Farmers Opry videos at DAILYMOTION.
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