Sunday, December 11, 2005

Val is Upset with Media Bias

Read the "COMMENT" link below this post to see what Val wrote and sent to the various media today. She is normally a very mild mannered lady. She runs the USS Houston Survivors Organization and the 131st Field Artilary BN associations. The men themselves are just too old now. The photo is Alex, with Max and Val - in Otto's living room. The latest on Otto is that he will be going into the VA hospital for the duration. (See story below).

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Buzz Creek said...

I've gone from being perplexed to miffed to down right fed up with the biased news. Yes, biased & I'm not afraid to say it out loud. Now, I've caught the Washington Post in a down right lie!! My husband and I received our annual White House Christmas card this year and commented about the lovely verse (Psalm 28:7) in their greeting. Most of all, we were pleased that neither George Dub-ya and Miss Laura did not yield to the brouhahah going on about leaving our personal religious beliefs out of Christmas. The Washington Post and news media jumped all over the card because it sent a generic holiday message of "best wishes for a holiday season of hope and happiness 2005". There was not ONE SINGLE mention of the verse quoted from the Christian bible. I can't count the times I've sent this similar message to our Christian, Jewish and friends of other faiths. It was out of respect to their religion. The Washington Post LIED by omission and that just about sent me into orbit!
And where is the outcry of the American being kidnapped and murdered in Iraq? It seems it was ignored in order to decry the torture of prisoners and "secret prisons". The POW's in Iraq are being MURDERED!! Did anyone have the guts to watch that beheading?? Cattle being slaughtered die faster! Again, another lie by omission.....
My dad was a POW of the Japanese during WWII and was tortured. He was skewered to the ground through his shoulder blades for 3 days without food and water while being stomped and beaten was just one example of his 3 1/2 years as a POW. Our news media is SCREAMING of sleep deprivation. Dad was up from daylight to dark working as slave labor & beaten senseless if he didn't meet his quota BUT expected to come back to work the next day. They speak of defiling their Koran - wow, golly, gee! Did Dad's captors give them bibles? And secret prisons?? Oh my! I need to go back through my archives to count the number of secret locations my father was in. Unsanitary conditions --- humm, running water versus trenches, showers versus rivers with leaches, toiletries vs not getting to brush your teeth for 3 1/2 years. Which is more humane?
There was barely a mention of the 3 young Christian school girls that were taken and beheaded by Muslims. They were CHILDREN for God's sake! And our news media just gives it a few seconds on the air or paragraph in the paper. This is unbiased?
This morning on the TV a politician is whining about the "propaganda" going around lately about accomplishments made in Iraq. Excuse me -- our son in law spent time over there and came home to tell us of what good is being done that we don't hear about in our biased news.
So let me get this straight -- omitting facts, embellishing lies, picking apart anything good has now become news worthy or a political issue. This has now how the world sees us. Is this how we see ourselves? God forbid! (oops, there's that "G" word).
We need to be heard. Mine is just a voice in the wind, but we need to speak out NOW before we are forbidden to. We can no longer be the silent majority. We can no longer be told what we think and believe. We can not be submissive to the few and lose our rights and freedoms.
And now I wish you a very merry CHRISTMAS. May our Lord God and Jesus Christ bless you. Pray for peace and the safety of our military. Give us the strength to stand proud in Your glory.

EV Poss
Pflugerville, TX