Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bush to Blame - Absolutely say Some
The Libs hold sway with the media anyway. The story of the housing collapse is laid bare in this article and Bush takes the fall for the ENTIRE debacle. I think it is more complcated than this story presents. I think Bush began his presidency with a desire to get some economic sense into the financial markets but after 9/11 the thinking turned to "how can we get as much money spent as possible into our markets and world markets to goose economic growth" which for all practical purposes was headed for the tank. It was a fateful change of policy and it was highly contrary to the tenants of Republican conservative financial stewardship. It was a plan merrily
accepted by the Democrats because it was key to their long-term plan to increase the economic power of its own voter base. Add to that a ballooning bubble that nobody wanted to prick or even let the air out of under regulatory pressure.

so ... here is the story that blames Bush... remember up to now - our conservative resources have played to our suspicions that the key culprits were mostly Democrats, including many who are about to rule the government.

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