Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some Sign Posts -- Are we Watching?

David FRY is an excellent blogger on seekingalpha.
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  • Warnings galore from chip makers TXN, ALTR, BRCM and NSM that investors ignored bidding the stocks sharply higher;
  • Chrysler not willing to show the government their books for bailout monies because they’re a private company [as if];
  • NUE warns and the stock is also bid higher;
  • Black Friday store sales reported their first decline in history, down 8.4%;
  • Sony’s (SNE) going to layoff 8K workers and closing plants;
  • GS has its earning forecast slashed by Deutsche Bank while former Bear Stearns honcho Ace Greenberg says the company failed because of rumors and not crappy investments [gimme a break!];
  • The former criminals who ran FRE and FNM testified, sort of, before congress;
  • Bond bubble bulls got all jiggy again as yields on T-Bills fell to negative as fear still reigns.
  • What on earth did the Fryguy leave out? Okay, how about the crooked Governor of Illinois? Well, I was raised in Chicago so enough said.

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