Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obama Tax "CUT"??

Is the Obama Tax Cut Really a CUT??

The magic of IGNORANT POPULIST news media perpetuates the lie. As the wealth is redistributed to the poor with inflation stoking budgetary spending - the gain the poor receive will be stolen back 10 times by inflation. Look for 6 pct in 2010 and 10 pct in 2011 and up from there.

The Cap and Trade TAX that the poor "think" is a hit against the mean old energy companies is going to come back to them in double and triple energy bills (gas, fuel oil, coal, electricity, shipping costs) that will also add to inflation. The biggest losers in the Obama Tax Cut plan will be the poor who will suck up the added energy costs by lost jobs ad higher electric, heating and gasoline costs DUE TO CAP AND TRADE TAXES.

Add to the lost jobs the private sector (government revenue) jobs that will disappear as the investor "class" shelters its funds away from business expansion. The poor will not know what hit them. In four years the press and Obama (the second largest recipient of AIG political donations as a senator) will STILL be blaming Bush.
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