Friday, April 03, 2009

CAP and TRADE - how to tax the poor

While mouthing the populist mantra to "tax the rich" even MORE while over 50 percent of voters actually pay ZERO taxes - the Democrats have (as usual) found a way to stealth tax the middle class and poor.

The cap and trade tax is an automatic taxation of the poor and middle class based on whatEVER they consume. It will make them on average about $3100 poorer .. and here is the great part !! -- They will have no clue the pain is coming from the government. They will only see increased utility and gasoline bills and will blame THE MEAN OLD OIL AND UTILITY COMPANIES! It is a perfect Democrat tax.

The other stealth tax on the poor and middle class will come in the form of inflation. By dumping treasury cash into the economy - the government is feeding massive future inflation. That future inflation is the delayed TAX the poor and middle class will pay (along with the unpopular rich) and again the people losing the most buying power (the poor) will not have a clue the cause is the Democrat policy. They will see rising prices on all they buy as the fault of mean old capitalists stealing from them - not the policies of Democrats who printed too many dollars.

In a spiraling frenzy of "helping the middle class and poor" the Democrats will continue to OVERTLY tax the rich and COVERTLY tax the poor and middle class to keep the "masses" from taking to the streets.
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