Monday, April 27, 2009

Sadly some of these posters make a lot of the supporting base for the movement to hide in the shadows. they will not associate with the provocative anger (with righteous anger-yes - but not the expressions of violence). Why? because the MSM and the liberal administration will easily paint them as dangerous radicals. Already you hear of the government and the press calling for the leaders of these protests to be placed on "watch lists" .. as dangerous subversives. The liberal MSM people control the image. If the exact same signs and anger were shown toward Bush or Cheney or McCain - the people were painted as patriots and heroes. This becomes a dilemma for conservatives who wish to protest the government. They must take the high road in their protest. The wide swath of moderates in the nation who seem to "know something is not right" are NOT willing to have themselves identified with "radical subversives". And that is exactly why the Administration and the Mainstream Media are working hard to shape an image of the tax protesters as dangerous people.

It is sad that the American Press has decided to help the administration achieve its goals by restricting freedom of expression.
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