Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Occupied Territory - 1779

The American Continenal Army had its problems with the locals as it set up its camps and forts throughout the colonies. In New Jersey, the Polish Allies, Pulaski's Legion, were, like the Continental Toops in general, a challenge to live with at times.

Here, Eric Olsen gives a fair understanding of the plight of the general public as they put up with the Colonial and Allied troops. The "coallition forces" if you will. More at Morristown National Historical Park.

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Anonymous said...

Once again, Uncle Vic has offered an interesting link back into history. I've visited Jockey Hollow last year with my family during the summer, when all the flowers in the garden were in full bloom and the blacksmith in colonial garb was sweating bullets by the furnace. Sometime, say in six monthes, I'll have to visit the site again, this time going bare foot and on a three day hunger strike to see just how these men felt. Pass me a cup of hot tea if you spot me!