Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Ninja Chipmunk

OREO, the cat vs the mighty chipmunk. This chipmunk was ferocious and ready to do battle with all that came its way. The little brown furball survived to fight another day. The cat actually prefers her Whiskas Temptations over chipmunk on most days.

Ninja Revised for more slo-motion is at EGGZONO TV. Another neat story? A NYC taxi ride with Pastor Phil.


M J said...

I have enjoyed all of your blogs.. but, this one is really terrific
The "slo-mo" of the flipping chipmunk is hysterical! And, how interesting it is you were able to get this video without catching the eye of either "fighter"!
Great job!

Anonymous said...

Some of your best work yet, Vic!

Anonymous said...

How in the world were you able to train these two combatants ? They looked almost real.

Anonymous said...

i think there was someone in the grass, flipping that critter around in front of the cat, notice the blurry spots around the chipmunk and on the chipmunk itself, probably edited or dr'd out later - but still looks kinda neat. the tell-tale is the un-natural side-ways and back bounce - defies physics.

lana said...

that was hilarious! you still got it, Vic!

Martyn said...

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