Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Snowfall Video Goes Mass Market

Footage from my ever popular Snowfall Serenade was recently chosen by Drew's Famous Sights and Sounds, to include in the Turn Up The Music commercial offerings. It was re-edited and remastered in DVD with a selection of Music from TUTM. It will be in stores in time for the Christmas season! This version will be priced for the mass market! My original version continues to be marketed to the nursing home and hospital market in a bundle with relaxation visuals and music having titles relating to snow, country scenery and airplanes. The connection with TUTM came through another superb company that markets mood videos, called Video Naturals. I will earn royalties on all the TUTM sales of the Winter Wonderland video. That's a good thing! See comments.

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Buzz Creek said...

What many will never know is that about 95% of all the snow footage for this film was taken in New Jersey! Sussex County NJ has the look and feel of Vermont without the funny accent. A lot of Sussex County people buy this just for a postcard presentation of their home area. The version from TUTM will only be available in stores. It will not be offered by Buzz Creek.