Friday, October 06, 2006

foley folly

Here are some of my thoughts on the pickle the R's now have with the Foley mess... I think it needs to go into the strategy for defense of the Republican leadership.
WHY HOMOSEXUAL CONGRESSMEN (Public Figures who are also predators) - Get by For so Long:
I think one of the questions not brought out by anyone (that I have seen) is the roll played by "socially acceptable" ways of confronting homosexuals who may have predatory tendencies. I am thinking most heterosexuals are confused about exactly HOW to confront issues involving homesexuality in society. When most heterosexuals learn of a person's homosexuality, they are now "tuned by acceptable behavior norms" to AVOID making the person's orientation an issue. It is avoided at all costs because of laws prohibiting harrassment of persons of color, race, religion, orientation, age, sex, nationality, regionality, physical challenge, height, weight, style of dress, financial status, educational status, or profession (among other things). So - people who are "thought to be" homosexual - are given a wide berth of "polite" avoidance in any discussion (with ANYONE) of the person's "orientation". This allows the homosexual PREDATOR a wide margin of error in their activity until wide public knowledge of their orientation is expressed. Thus, some congressmen who are homosexual and known to be so are more acceptable to their constituents. If sexual misbehaviour occurs, it will be obvious. When such a pubic figure is secretly homosexual (like McGreevy) the public and even their peers in government are unable to effectively identify misbehavior until it is too late. "Don't Ask - Don't Tell" may work in some cases, but "Not Telling" reduces oversight. It probably should be criminal for an elected official to represent his constituency under any false pretenses of sexual orientation. Once "outed" there should be criminal charges for misrepresentation because while "in the closet" the public is isolated from potential misbehaviour by the social rules of conduct that are effectively a "gag order". A heterosexual who misbehaves will be more readily exposed because the rules SUPPORT the reporting and discussion of sexual harrassment. A closet homosexual who misbehaves is using the social stealth and cloaking tools provided by rules supporting suppression of discussion about orienteation.
Vic Campbell

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