Friday, October 13, 2006

Teenager Bear in Sparta

The Bear was a "teenager" looking for its own range. A garage door was accidentally left open and the bear found our garbage can quickly. A neighbor called to tell us a bear was in our driveway. I grabbed a video camera and took this footage. I mildly encouraged the bear to leave until I had some footage. Then I became forceful and he left. IT was too old to have a mother around and too young to have good respect for humans - especially with the enticing odor of food nearby. It was better to encourage the bear on its way as soon as possible to avoid it gaining a tolerance for people. We have too many snack sized kids in the area for bears that have no fear of people. MORE WILDLIFE ENCOUNTERS IN LOCAL NEWSPAPER ONLINE.

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Janet Dubinski said...

Thanks for the sharing your video. I wish I had thought to take pictures when our local bear-friend was helping itself to the bird feeder! When is it safe to feed the birds?