Monday, February 18, 2008

Engineered Molocules - Berkley Speech

Very good talk (click here) ..about an hour long... A number of topics by Chu. The first part is more on how the ear works - the middle part more on DNA replication and the later 15 minutes a really good synopsis on global warming and the real crisis - the future of fuel or energy to support mankind . All this has to do with engineering molecules to do the work needed in many areas of human concern and endeavors. Yes the talk is long. Yes the concepts may go past you at some points. But the man is quite good at explaining and it is VERY interesting. My take-away on global warming... "Whether or not global warming is exacerbated by CO2 - in 150 years there needs to be a viable massive new energy source besides fossil fuels and possibly beyond nuclear". (thus molecular engineering solutions).
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