Saturday, February 16, 2008

Timely Stock Market Analysis

O.K. sports fans.. here is look at some charts for some well known mutual funds over a period from mid 2002 to now. All these do well. Some are "safer" thus less risk - less gain over time. The higher risk - higher gain ones are "emerging market" funds. The top "dark blue" line is a USAA fund that I have placed "bolinger bands" with 150 day settings. Notice when the blue line goes below the bands the future looks good. Right now the blue ine is WAY below the bands - so if you are an investor and not a speculator - this is a RIPE time to buy that fund. The red line is a similar mutual fund from Vanguard. Any of these funds will show similar buy signals with the bolinger bands. Just plan on several years to HOLD the fund and enjoy a good return. To research further - look up the mutual fund and see what the top five stocks are that are in it. Now - look at each of those stocks and check their charts and bolinger bands. Could be - that some of those individual stocks will be about to make a move too - since they are the what the pros are buying for the mutual fund. Look at this a year from now and see if I was right. This has been your stock market lesson for the day. Yahoo Finance has great tools. Use them.
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