Monday, February 25, 2008

Uncle Vic Snores

But now, after several years of sleep apnea and snoring so bad I had to sleep away from my family - I found something that works.  This is not an advertisement - just a note to snorers who might want to try something else.  I must have used google to search for things - and the device that looked most practical was ordered and tried. It works.  A little uncomfortable but after about two weeks now - I am still NOT SNORING and everybody in the house can sleep soundly.  The cost is about $60 for the device and you have to "form fit" it to your mouth to use it - instuctions included of course. If you have TMJ or seriious teeth problems it is not for you.  The discomfort gets less as time goes on and you get used to it. is the web location. Read up on it and see if it works for you.   I am sorry I did not look harder before my "Sleep Apnea" test with a local physician. Two nights of testing and "Mask" regulating were reqired to reach a solution through a specialist.  The nightly "sleep testing" fees (paid by insurance thankfully) were over $4,000 per night.

Test one concluded I had sleep apnea (plus I snored of course) and Test two allowed a forced air mask to be regulated.  Compare the costs. The $60 device is no more uncomfortable than the mask and it works for me.  Maybe it will work for you.  Uncle Vic.

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