Friday, October 17, 2008

Has this Occurred to YOU?

Perhaps the rapid rise in oil prices this year were encouraged at some point by the Islamic and communist controlled oil barons to lay waste to the capitalist nations around the world? SURE it was a quick boom and large windfall for the oil rich nations - but they overdid it and they drove markets to a recession that in turn are driving oil to a recession. It is typical cyclical economics of a free market ... but what if the original run-up was assisted by worldwide anti-Bush - Anti-American sentiment - hoping to drive America to a regime change ... a whole "sea change" of government? It is happening, if it was intended or not.

The result is - the American economy is in shambles (as well as the rest of the world). The world blames America for the problem (the housing issue - set off by a time bomb the Democrats built in Fannie and Freddie) and we are about to elect a left leaning Euro-Philic government with a short sighted view that opposes drilling for more oil and opposes the only real help to gain energy independence (nuclear power). " WHEW !!" say Iran, Russia and Venezuela. That was close!!

With real energy reform off the table again ... the oil cartels can again rebuild their profits.
Meanwhile, Obama will be subsidizing (with tax dollars) low margin high cost replacements for oil, like "ethanol" "bio fuels" , solar, geothermal and wind. All of these will find their markets in due time and a little research subsidy is a good idea -- but the Obama approach will be to SUPERFUND these efforts at the expense of nuclear, clean coal and more oil drilling. The oil cartels will be very happy! And the American taxpayer will pay for its fuel through taxation rather than profits to realistic capitalist solutions.

So sad. There is nothing that will stop Obama. Republicans have completely failed to bring humor programming against the Democrats to Youtube.
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