Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stuff Like This Bothers Me

First Generation American - of a Kenyan father(University of Hawaii), Hussein Obama (Harvard) , has taken the mantle of suffering American Slaves and has positioned himself to lead African Americans with slave heritage out of the bondage and irrelevance and victim-hood forced on them by an unfair nation. Obama has "adopted himself" into to the leadership of the victims of American Slavery.

Of course he is looking to the future and this is not to be interpreted as being a backward looking strategy, since slavery was abolished over a hundred years ago by the dogged determination of Republicans. Add to that the fact that major Civil Rights legislation of the last century was largely the result of Republican efforts. Meanwhile, in maintaining his own FREE African heritage, Obama made trips to Kenya to support his cousin's corrupted and bloody reach for power. A Foreign Policy Feather in his cap? From his actions (and specific non-actions to halt Republican plans of oversight) with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac he (and his Democrat allies) has pulled the rug out from under the most vulnerable people among us (many of them black).

He supports a corrupt regime in Kenya while supporting policy in America to undermine the people he claims to help. Add to that his posturing because of weak foreign policy so that he even says in a debate that he will attack an ally (Pakistan -- a nuclear power) if they cannot control their own enemies within. This stands in contrast to his assertion that he will talk to any enemy of the United States without precondition to negotiate for peace ( Iran in particular). What is that again? He will bomb our friends, but he will talk with our enemies??? This is a dangerous man.

Plus - he has no clue about energy independence. He is opposed to two major requirements of a multi-pronged strategy - Nuclear Power and Expanded Domestic Oil Access.
You want a black president? There are at least SIX moderate and conservative African Americans on the radar that would be superb choices. It is stifling liberal policies of the man, Hussein Obama that are troubling.
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