Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Obama Will Win !!

OH, YES, he is the WRONG guy ... but...
1. 8 years of tiny cuts and bleeding in the Bush Camp has killed confidence in the Republicans. Yes, we can say we agree with Bush on most things, but if he can't talk his way out of a paper bag - his leadership is (and was) doomed. READ ALL OF THIS HERE - 10 POINTS

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2. Most people actually believe Bush and the Republicans are the root cause of the housing (and now worldwide economic) crisis.
yes, we know the setup for widespread loan abuse began with Democrat policy as far back as Clinton. It as left to fester at FRE and FNM while a filibuster proof "Repubican Controlled" congress reinedf for 6 years and was completely shut out two years ago. Barney Frank and Obama and all the Democrats wanted desperately to put all low income people into a house and then claim great praise and voter support. The plan was working as long as the housing market went UP !! It lasted until interest rates kicked in and people actually had to have money to pay their mortgage. These poor people lost everything and the people that backed their mortgages lost everything too. FRE and FNM exectutives made a fortune. Republicans are now dumbstuck to see themselves being blamed by the Democrats who created the mess ... and everybody believes THEM!!
3.McCain has allowed Obama to speak about "A VISION FOR AMERICA" while he has been forced to defend himself and toss one-liners about one or another .issue with Obama's past. People are looking for ANYTHING to disasociate from Bush, even though many of them have no idea why except he is a cartoon character the wears a cowboy hat and has bushy eyebrows at this point. McCain sounds defensive - upset and shrill. Obama sounds like he is already president and this McCain fellow is just a minor distraction.
4.Obama OWNS THE BANK that spits out money and he is saturating every market the McCain has a prayer of changing his way. McCain has no such warchest. Elections have become a money game - much as any product introduction into the American Market. McCain never had much and he has far too little now to grab the votes that need to be taken.
5.Palin energized the right, but the right was so broken by this point in the Bush administration, and so fractured between social and economic issues that it is no longer coherent. Palin still has to capture some middle range voters too and they appear to be drifting easily to and fro with waves of negative media.
6.Nobody is willing to step up and say that the entire current mess - both military and economic, is really a delayed fuse from the 9-11 attacks. Osama wanted to wreck the world economy. Bush spend a lot of "sugar money" the last 7 years to seed the domestic job market and extended defense spending in two wars, one of which was so severely mismanaged in stage 2, that it set back progress for two or three years. Add the easy money for the mortgages to the "sugar money" column. Now that sugar "hit" is gone - the economy is begging for another "sugar hit". Republicans are as willing it seem as Democrats to dose more sugar into the veins. McCain has no advantage here over Obama. Everybody wants their sugar.
7.The Democrat majority congress succeeded in placing all blame on Republicans for everything that went wrong in the past 8 years - from 9-11 to Katrina - to the financial crisis. The Republicans have proven themselves once again to be unable to communicate with ordinary Americans - even though they are as much the face of America as the Democrats. No matter how much we complain about lack of ethics and the super-rich purchasing of Obama - there remains the image among every person educated in American schools that Repubicans are the party of the "RICH". McCain cannot change that image. Palin helps but a $5000 dress worn to a ralley becomes an easy target - (Remember Pat Nixon's "republican cloth coat?")
8.McCain has generations of Americans in his heritage. The country runs thick in his veins. Obama has laid claim to the heritage of black slavery in America with well over 95 percent of Blacks supporting him as well as about 50 percent of whites. An army of people are shadowing the campaign to search for white Americans who will not vote for Obama because he is black. Not a soul is asking why 95 percent of blacks will not vote for a white man if there is a black man on the ticket. Obama made race an issue and he has been effective. McCain cannot and should not stoop to address this issue but it will drive much of the vote without any reference to policy.
9.McCain cannot compete for the foreign adoration of Obama. Fair or not - American elections are indeed influenced by the perceptions if not the outright involvement of the rest of the world. The only candidate in the race with full support of every major world nation is Obama. It is obvious that some just like the way he talks - which is compelling - and others are hopeful to see him reduce the presence of American trade and ideals outside our own continent. Indeed, Obama may become the first American president that could be said to be THE World's President. Of course thinking Americans cringe at this kind of defacto leadership. It will mean a stronger effort to make America more like the rest of the world. Some of us appreciate the rest of the world, but we would rather be "American's" .
10. McCain could be a good thing if he were to win. He could help to hold the Supreme court in the middle of the road. He could help to block a runaway congress -- which from all appearances will continue to be a Democrat Majority. He could bring about sensible investments in energy diversification - which Obama is opposed to. Obama's policies will lock out progress for another 20 years. But it won't be McCain. The people are clamoring for the young guy; the guy with new ideas and the guy that speaks so well. The next four years will be something ike the dark ages for business and meaningful achievement. And since the Repubicans are such poor communicators - they will continue to take the blame for all that goes wrong and so Obama will have EIGHT years to change America. IT will be a very large change, making American much more like Europe - just as Europe is trying to figure out how to undo the mess it made for itself starting over 30 years ago. Time to break out the "gone fishin'" sign (after one more good effort to halt the Obama machine). Relax and listen to good music. Life is too short.